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Vehicle Storage 

Boat Storage, RV Storage & More

Finding the right place for vehicle storage can be a chore. Even something as small as a motorcycle can turn a full size garage into a tight fit for even a single other vehicle. You may need the space in your home for other things, or as a workspace. Maybe you are just tired of leaving that boat on a trailer in your backyard with a tarp over it. Well worry no more, Out O’ Space Storage has exterior parking spaces for things that are just a bit too big to fit in a garage like RV storage or boat storage.

Collector cars are not the sort of belonging you leave out in the rain of course, similarly, your motorcycle might be your baby. We understand, and we are dedicated to keeping your boat and RV storage secure on our premises. 24/7 digitally recorded video surveillance is a standard here, and the facility is kept lit at all  hours, with a coded gate and fence around the property. Even if your vehicle is parked in one of our exterior spaces, it will remain safe and undisturbed all year round.

When the seasons change, or if you decide you do not need your space any more, our month to month leasing means you will not be stuck paying for any space you do not need. Remember that if you already have a unit rented with us, you could consider moving your bike or car right into your existing unit if there is space. If not, you may upgrade to a larger space so you can fit everything all in one convenient location, any time of year. Speak to an associate today to review all your options or ask any questions you may have.